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My name is Aliff, and I am a freelance technology content writer.

Do you need help with attracting more potential customers to buy your product or service?

It’s clear that many companies are struggling with finding and keeping new customers these days.

The Internet offers countless options and alternatives, so it’s not surprising to learn that many businesses are experiencing decreased customer retention rates.

Imagine if your potential customers visit your website for the first time but have no clue what to do next. What is most likely they would do after that?

Give up on your offer before they even tried your products or services?

Well, you would not want to let that happen.

You need to give people the first step to understand what they are getting into and why to use our products and services. If you fail on that, you will not get any sales or free user trials either.

And we know how vital the first-time experience is, as it can lead a customer to purchase or use your product or service in the future.

This is where content marketing can fit into the user onboarding. How so?

Content marketing provides many benefits for the website onboarding experience for customers.

Marketing your site with exciting and informative content will help you stand out from competitors, keep visitors on your page to explore more about your products or services, generate leads, increase sales volume from repeat customers, and much more.

Let me help you plan a strategy for attracting more relevant visitors to your site and eventually buying your product or services (if that is what you offer) so that you can focus on your core business!

Here’s what I can do for you:

ebook writing
user guide & manual writing
case study writing
white paper writing

Did I tell you that some of my published articles are ranked on the FIRST page of Google?

Let these do the talking:

iot public transport
software user experience

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