5 Innovative Ways to Monetize Your Skill Realistically

May 4, 20202 comments

When it comes to your abilities, you may think that it can only apply to your future job. That’s what people would typically do. You learn something at the college and hope that you will get a job based on what you have learned there.

But things aren’t that ideal as it used to be. As job opportunities are scarcer day by day and competition is stiff as there are way more job applicants than job availability, don’t you think it makes more sense to figure out how to monetize your skill instead?

Thanks to the Internet, you can take advantage of your skills even within your home’s comfort. Especially during this pandemic, you can monetize entirely online!

What can you monetize?

Well, I am sure that you know so many things that you can do, realizing it or not. Even the smallest things you do can be a huge potential to monetize and share with others.

Do you know how to cook? You can take advantage of online deliveries or even share your cooking methods on the web.

Do you know how to blog? You would know how to attract more traffic while monetizing it in many ways passively.

Do you have experience working in certain conditions? You can share your experience and monetize it through methods like affiliate marketing or offering services to clients.

Whatever skills or experiences you have, you can monetize your expertise from scratch, even if you are a total newbie.


How can you monetize your skill?

There are so many ways that you can use your skills or experience to share with and monetize them.

Just a disclaimer: this post contains affiliate or referral links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much!

Offer services

This is one of the fastest ways to get yourself some handsome money while doing the work you know the most.

There are specific segments where they need your services the most, so do your research beforehand and see if that’s the case. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you might know who and which businesses would need to create graphics the most.

Compared to a full-time job, you are free to set the prices as well as how you would want to do the work. As you will be working on (presumably) a contractual basis, you must know what you are doing if you are working for other clients.

To showcase yourself on the web, you can start using social media or even better, create your website and host your portfolio there.

I would personally recommend creating your own website, showcase your previous works, and only then share on social media sites. It’s more professional and shows to the world that you are legit. Of course, tell everyone that you are a person for hire on providing your services.

(If you are starting a website for the first time, I would recommend using Hostinger so you can get a premium web hosting and a free domain in a single package!)

Create an online course

Do you like sharing your knowledge and teach your skills to others? You would want to consider creating an online course surrounding what you really know the most!

Nowadays, online learning is super popular, and anyone can search up on courses depending on what they want to learn. This is especially when this pandemic forces almost everyone to stay at home and learn online. Depending on your niche, there will be people searching for a specific skill you can try to bank on.

You can use several teaching platforms to record your teachings and plan your course layout and materials. Sites like Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy allow you to plan your course, upload your recordings and course materials, and monetize it.

If you have your course on the web, then if people could see the value of your offer, they would eventually purchase it, regardless of the timing or if you even sleep at that time. That’s the power of passive income while teaching something useful to your audience.

If you prefer to teach one-to-one on the web, you would want to use platforms like italki (if you teach languages) or even tools such as Zoom or Skype.

Create an eBook

Another way to monetize your skill is by writing and publishing an eBook. Unlike publishing physical books, you can create an eBook and publish it in an instant. It usually is published in PDF form.

Of course, you may want to plan ahead on what to include in your book, but the best thing about creating an eBook is you can design and write entirely online.

For a start, you can start writing on Google Docs. If you have the Gmail account, you can begin writing there right away! It is free, and you can access it on any device you have.

If you want to design your eBook cover and the overall eBook content, you can use tools like Canva or PicMonkey.

Host a webinar

Live-streaming is becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially when users tend to be more engaged in social media.

You may notice that there are more webinars and live-streaming held on social media sites like Facebook and even YouTube.

One great thing about hosting a webinar is that unlike watching a video that tends to be one-way communication, you can interact with the host by asking questions or commenting, and the host can reply to it in real-time. This is also the way you can share your paid products or services. Of course, hosting a live webinar may be free (or a paid access depending on how you want to set it), but if your audience sees the value of your presentation, they may want to engage you further even if it requires them to pay.

This kind of interaction is more appealing to social media users who tend to seek instant gratification. You can host your webinar on Facebook Live, YouTube, and even tools like Zoom.

Promote products through affiliate marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s quite easy for anyone to promote products by merely dropping the link and running away. But that’s not how you would suppose to promote through affiliate marketing. People would be easily put off by that approach.

Yes, you still would want to share and promote the products, but only with the right approach and strategy. Bonus points if you used the product or service in the first place. 

Your audience would trust you much more if you have the first-hand experience using the product you promote, or if you teach on how to use it.

Either way, affiliate marketing is the most excellent way to monetize your skill if you are creative enough to promote without being too salesy.

There are tonnes of affiliate programs out there you can join. Search for the name of the product and include keywords such as “affiliate” or “affiliate program.”

If you feel that searching for affiliate programs is time-consuming, I would recommend purchasing the Affiliate Programs Masterlist from The She Approach! She lists about 500+ affiliate programs in a single spreadsheet plus links to access them!

(Just starting with affiliate marketing? The Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle by The She Approach teaches you how to monetize your online presence, even if you are a newbie 😁)

To wrap up

Acquiring skills that resonate with you is fundamental in starting your career, but it doesn’t have to be in the form of full-time employment. Especially when job opportunities aren’t as high as it used to be, it is up to your creativity and innovative approach to monetizing your skill realistically.

Fortunately, it is not hard to monetize what you know since it can be done entirely online, even within the comfort of your home. You may need to do a lot of work at first, but once it’s done, you only need to fine-tune a little bit and be left alone while earning your income in your pocket.

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