Hey there!

My name is Aliff. I’m a freelance content writer and a certified content marketing strategist based in Penang, Malaysia.

(Yup, that’s me!)

I write content that people are searching for while making them useful and actionable for the target audience.

I know that planning to market your business or company in the online world is no easy feat.

A lot of people end up delving into the business world without the proper knowledge of how to market their products and services and get people noticed without being salesy.

Contrary to what people would believe, it doesn’t always apply to newbies because some skilled online marketers might also find it challenging sometimes.

Undoubtedly, marketing is one thing that requires lots of creativity and strategic thinking when trying to reach your target market.

Now, when it comes to content marketing, people tend to think of blog posts, articles, PDF freebies, and many more. But it’s more than that.

As a content writer and strategist, I am here to provide innovative ideas to help you leverage content marketing and create a successful customer onboarding experience throughout your website.

Getting results through content marketing takes time. It takes drastically changing how you craft content from books and articles to blog posts, PDFs, videos, infographics – anything that can be posted online.

It’s a great feeling when your content library gets filled up with valuable information that will help your audience understand your brand’s value.

Even better if you can guide your potential customers, especially first-time visitors, by being empathetic to their problems and educate them on how you can solve their problems, which eventually can be done through your product or service.

Alright, now to my accomplishments! #shamelessplug

So far, I have written for two publications: The IoT Magazine and The Startup. You can check out my published articles on my Works page.

I have also helped several clients achieve their goals through my writing. I have written two client case studies which you can view here and here.

Yes, I’m officially certified for content marketing and digital marketing by Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, and Yandex.

Yandex Direct Certification

If you need help with content writing or content marketing strategy, simply book a discovery call right here or reach me out through the Contact page.

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