Hi there!

My name is Aliff, and I have been in this online space for about a year now.

Yup, that’s me 🙂

This site used to be a place where I showcase my freelancing abilities. I did multiple kinds of freelance work including proofreading and copywriting.  

But as months pass by, I have this realization that I need beyond just income from writing. Thus, this site is reborn again with a goal of sharing with you the ability to pursue what inspires you the most while earning income regardless of whether you do the work or not. Not only that, but I will also share on topics related to financial independence and digital security.

This won’t be the site where I dump my tips or whatever that others would normally do. I will also share what I personally understand and my personal experience trying products and services that are beneficial for my income growth.

This is just the beginning. I will be publishing more articles in this site. So stay tuned!

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