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WordPress Themes That I Used (and Which One I Use Now)

In my previous post, I explained why you should use a lightweight theme for your WordPress website. Today, I want to show you the themes that I used throughout my years of managing my own WordPress site. At the beginning of setting up my website, I never thought about the page speed and other technical…

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Is It Worth Paying For a WordPress Theme?

When you are just starting to build up your website on WordPress, you may encounter lots of choices of themes to choose from. But you may notice that some themes are paid, some are free. You may wonder: is there any difference between both?  I will be sharing with you briefly whether it is worth…

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Why You Should Use a Lightweight Theme for Your WordPress Website?

The first time I set up my WordPress website, I had no idea which WordPress theme to use. Plus, I always thought that all WordPress themes are the same, just with different features.  That was until I found out that WordPress themes can significantly affect my website’s loading time and performance. I decided to go…

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