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Boutir App Tutorials

English Version

  1. How to Set Up Your Boutir Account
  2. How to Beautify Your Online Store
  3. How to Add Store Information
  4. How to Add Products To Your Online Store
  5. How to Publish and Unpublish Products
  6. How to Update Product Stock
  7. How to Reorder and Pin Items in Your Online Store
  8. How to Use One-Click Share Function
  9. How to Organize Your Online Store Categories
  10. How to Add Firework to Your Online Store
  11. How to Add Delivery Method to Your Online Store
  12. How to Add Bank Transfer as a Payment Method for Your Online Store
  13. How to Set Up Easyparcel to Your Online Store
  14. How to Subscribe & Unsubscribe to a Boutir Plan
  15. How to Link Facebook and Instagram to Your Online Store
  16. How to Set PayPal and Stripe as a Payment Method for Your Online Store
  17. How to Set iPay88 as a Payment Method for Your Online Store
  18. How to Delight Your Customers With Discounts and Promotions
  19. How to Understand Your Online Sales
  20. How to Ship Out via easyParcel
  21. How to Link Instagram Shopping to Your Online Store
  22. How to Activate Pre-order Feature for Your Online Store
  23. How to Bulk Import & Export Products via CMS
  24. How to Add Products to Your Store via CMS
  25. How to Activate Volume Pricing Feature Through CMS
  26. How to Set Up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Function By Yourself Using Boutir App
  27. How to Create and Customize Custom Pages for Your Online Store Through CMS
  28. How to Activate Pre-order Feature for Your Online Store Through CMS

Bahasa Malaysia Version

  1. Bagaimana Cara Mendaftar Akaun Boutir Anda
  2. Bagaimana Cara Mencantikkan Kedai Online Anda
  3. Bagaimana Cara Menambah Produk Ke Kedai Online Anda
  4. Bagaimana Cara Menambah Maklumat Kedai
  5. Bagaimana Cara Menerbitkan Dan Membatalkan Penerbitan Produk
  6. Bagaimana Cara Mengemas Kini Stok Produk
  7. Bagaimana Cara Mengatur Kategori Kedai Online Anda
  8. Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan Fungsi Perkongsian Satu-Klik
  9. Bagaimana Cara Menyusun Semula Dan Pin Item Dalam Kedai Online Anda
  10. Bagaimana Cara Menambah Firework Ke Kedai Online Anda
  11. Bagaimana Cara Menambah Pindahan Bank Sebagai Kaedah Pembayaran Untuk Kedai Online Anda
  12. Bagaimana Cara Menambah Kaedah Penghantaran Ke Kedai Online Anda
  13. Bagaimana Cara Melanggan & Berhenti Melanggan Pelan Boutir
  14. Bagaimana Cara Menghubungkan Akaun Facebook Dan Instagram Ke Kedai Online Anda
  15. Bagaimana Cara Menetapkan iPay88 Sebagai Kaedah Pembayaran Untuk Kedai Online Anda
  16. Bagaimana Cara Menetapkan easyParcel Ke Kedai Online Anda
  17. Bagaimana Cara Memahami Jualan Online Anda
  18. Bagaimana Cara Menetapkan Paypal Dan Stripe Sebagai Kaedah Pembayaran Untuk Kedai Online Anda
  19. Bagaimana Cara Menggembirakan Pelanggan Anda Dengan Diskaun Dan Promosi
  20. Bagaimana Cara Menghubungkan Instagram Shopping Ke Kedai Online Anda
  21. Bagaimana Cara Mengaktifkan Pra-pesanan untuk Kedai Online Anda
  22. Bagaimana Cara Mengaktifkan Harga Borong Melalui CMS
  23. Bagaimana Cara Menghantar Pesanan Melalui easyParcel
  24. Bagaimana Cara Mengaktifkan Pra-pesanan untuk Kedai Online Anda Melalui CMS

eCommerce Articles from Boutir

  1. Never Sell Online Before? Here’s Why Selling Online Is Not Hard
  2. How to Start Selling Online When You Are Just Starting Out
  3. Already Selling on Shopee or Lazada? Here’s How You Can Increase Your Sales by Opening Your Own Online Store
  4. No Online Knowledge? No Problem! Here’s Why
  5. How to Promote Your Products Online Effectively
  6. Can You Sell Online Even if You Only Have a Smartphone
  7. Can You Sell Online if You Don’t Own Your Products
  8. Is It Free to Set Up an Online Store
  9. Don’t Have Time to Promote Your Products Online? Here’s What You Can Do
  10. Customizing Your Online Store Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Here’s How
  11. Easystore vs Boutir – What Are the Differences
  12. Difference Between Boutir’s Starter, Business, & Business PLUS Plans
  13. 5 Cold Delivery Services You Can Use in Malaysia
  14. Can You Sell Fresh Produce Online? How Can You Manage It
  15. Payment Options You Can Provide for Your Customers on Your Boutir Online Store
  16. iPay88: Payment Methods Available + Pros & Cons
  17. Alternative to PayPal and Stripe for International Payments
  18. What Is PayPal & Stripe? How Can It Help Your Online Store?
  19. How Does Online Traffic on Boutir Work
  20. Why Should You Include Video Content in Your Online Store

Other eCommerce Content

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