Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is this site all about?

I write articles related to pursuing stuff that matters to you, achieving financial independence, and protect your digital identity and data on the web, which is based on my personal experience and knowledge related to those subject matters.

What’s behind this site?

Initially, this site serves as a way to showcase my freelance work, but eventually I have decided to recalibrate my focus to share what I know and believe on the topics I mentioned above.

You may notice that this site is kinda plain, and it is. But as time passes by, it will be progressing differently and this whole site layout may change as well.

I did go through your old website previously in which you were offering freelance writing services. Do you still offer them now?

Yes. If you need some help with content writing or any other writing projects for that matter, you can simply book a call with me right here.

Why are there so many affiliate links throughout this site?

Affiliate links are a way to monetize my site and ensuring that this site can be maintained in the long run. I don’t have plans to display advertisements yet. Therefore, if you click any affiliate links throughout this site, I may earn a commission at no extra costs to you.

I don’t see any articles related to digital security around here.

As this site is still new (to be exact, relaunched), I’m in the midst of writing more articles for this site. Of course, all of them will be related to my personal experience and my knowledge on leveraging digital security.

There will be also articles on other topics that are related to the main ones. So stay tuned!

How can I reach out to you if I have any questions?

You can simply shoot me an email at, or if you have a project to collaborate with me, simply book an online inquiry session here.

You can also follow me on Pinterest too 🙂

Just in case if you haven’t read any of my articles here yet, you can simply explore them here!

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