In today’s digital world,

losing a potential customer is the worst feeling ever.

As a freelance case study writer, my main philosophy is getting the trust of your customers to come and use your product or service.

freelance case study writer - pain point

As a business owner

you want to do everything in your power to make sure that they not only stay but also come to your brand.

You do everything you can

to market your brand through your content.

But pretty often,

content can be dull and unengaging.

Not to mention,

your potential customers may question why they should continue reading it if it’s just going to be another sales pitch.

So what happens when

you have an opportunity to prove to your potential customers that you walk the talk?

This is where

case studies come into play.

A case study is a great way to

showcase how your product or service has helped someone else.

It shows them exactly

how it works and gives them something tangible to hold onto.

By working with me,

you can be sure that you will be more effective in building relationships with your potential customers through your case study content.

Why Hire A Freelance Case Study Writer As Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

When potential customers are looking at other companies’ content, they see a lot of the same things: Sales pitches and general information about their products/services.

Case studies give you a chance to show off your company in a different light.

Helps You Build Credibility

Case studies show that you know what you’re talking about. You’ve done this before, and now you’re sharing it with others.

People love to learn from other people who have been there before them.

They allow you to share stories of success, which helps build credibility and trust within your audience.

Let People Know That You Are Real

If you’re trying to sell yourself as a business owner, then you need to let people know that you’re human helping others with your solutions.

Case studies help you do that by showing that you care enough to write down your experiences so that others can benefit from them.

My Published Case Studies

(click on any of the images to view the case study)

increase site loading speed - case study
GIS site migration case study

Pricing For Engaging A Freelance Case Study Writer

Minimum Project Fee

US$ 1,500 .00

One-Off or Monthly

How Do I Work?


We jump on a discovery call so we can get to know each other and discuss what you’re looking for.


We’ll come up with a content strategy together to ensure you receive the best results possible during the call.


Once we’ve agreed upon a plan, I (or you) will draft a final proposal and contract, and we both sign the final contract.


You will pay the 50% of the overall project fee upfront before I start the work.


Once the deposit payment has been made, a client portal will be set up, and you will be able to login and access the progress of your project from there.


You can review the completed draft or work inside the client portal itself. Any amendments to be made and comments will be communicated inside the portal.


Final remaining payment will be done by you once the work is completed and reviewed.


You can opt for your project to be recurring if you need to publish content every month.

Like With What You Have Seen Here So Far?

Schedule a discovery call with a freelance case study writer and fire up a conversation on writing your next case study today!

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